Hello! My name is Lindsay Williams, and I have had a love for photography for as long as I can remember. After owning several small point-and-shoot cameras, I bought my first “big girl” DSLR camera in 2009. After taking photos mostly in auto mode for a couple of years, I finally decided to learn how to use my camera to its full capabilities when I waited until the last minute to try to schedule family photos and all my fabulous photographer pals were booked up. I started reading books, exploring websites, watching videos, and practicing on my kiddos to an almost obsessive level.

Since then, I have taken on a ton of clients, gotten some incredible photos of my own precious family, and improved my techniques considerably. Although I am self-taught, I do all the research, practice, and in-person workshops and trainings I possibly can in order to provide the highest-quality photos to my clients. I am located in south-central Kentucky, and I specialize in lifestyle family photo sessions; however, I also LOVE photographing just about everything else. You can see examples of my work here under “Galleries” at the top of the page!

In addition to being a photographer, I am also a high school English teacher, wife to a pretty hunky man, and mother to two amazing little guys, Gavin (4) and Finley (2).  Photography is one of many passions I have.  I’m also super passionate about teaching, helping others, laughing, pizza, drinking lots of coffee, autism awareness, my awesome friends, good books, animals (especially dolphins), sparkly things, sun flares, my precious family, big dreams, and trying to make a difference in this crazy world.

2015-01-11 headshots 032-2wm

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